Fujitsu today announced that it has built a system for Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. that collects in real time, and centrally monitors at Stanley Electric Group headquarters, the power used by its Group companies, including 27 principal plants(1). 

As one part of its company-wide efforts to reduce power consumption, Stanley Electric has steadily deployed the new system from July 2015 at each of its plants, and has now commenced operations at all plants in Japan. Power utilization data at each plant is measured using a variety of systems and sensors, converted to a standardized format and consolidated at a single location. It is then displayed graphically over FUJITSU Sustainability Solution Environmental Management Dashboard, which shows each plant's energy utilization, progress toward energy-saving goals, and performance relative to other plants in an easy-to-understand format. 

This helps executives, plant managers, and staff better grasp the conditions at each plant and overall conditions at plants across the board, so decision-makers can give faster and more accurate guidance, and provide operators the support they need in their energy-saving efforts.