What is SIGFOX

SIGFOX provides a cellular style network operator that provides a tailor-made solution for low-throughput Internet of Things and M2M applications.

For a host of applications from smart meters to control nodes that need connectivity over long ranges the only option until recently has been to use a cellular connection. This option has several disadvantages because cellular phone systems are focussed on voice and high data rates. They are not suited to low data rate connections as the radio interface is complex and this adds cost and power consumption - too much for most M2M / IoT applications.

The SIGFOX network is aimed at providing connectivity for a variety of applications and users. It is not aimed at one area, but at being for general use by a variety of different types of users. The SIGFOX network performance is characterised by the following:

  • Up to 140 messages per object per day
  • Payload size for each message is 12 bytes
  • Wireless throughput up to 100 bits per second