I was just sitting in Munich at Fujitsu Forum 2018 in Ravi Krishnamoorthi's (Head of Manufacturing, EMEIA @Fujitsu) and Nerys Mutlow's (Head of Consulting & Professional Services, EMEIA @Fujitsu) breakout session this morning. 

Topic: How can manufacturers improve operational efficiency and customer engagement.

A very good session in my opinion with an interesting round of discussions afterwards.

The key takeaways that really resonated with me were:

  • Imagine to tap a cup of coffee and see, if farmers producing those coffee beans have been treated fair or if it was produced environment-friendly and sustainable. It will influence your decision in choosing your favorite supplier.
  • How can manufacturers engage directly with customers / end-users and build up the right mindset?
  • What are the benefits of implementing leveraging technologies like AI, Predictive Analysis, Augmented Reality or Intelligent Dashboards, that are not only collecting data?
  • How can the combination of such solutions provide information for your decisions, for optimizing your supply chain and influence your customers' decisions?